Waiting For Star Wars? Here’s what you can do

Its four months till The Force Awakens hits the movie theaters this December. Now, that’s a lot of time to kill. If you are like me, and don’t want to have nothing to do for the rest of the year. So I thought of thing I could do to kill the time between now and 18th December, 2015. Actually its rumored that it may come out a day earlier in America, which is fine by me, as we usually get them a day early here in Singapore anyway.

Re-arrange your collections.

"Did you hear something?"

“Did you hear something?”

Now, I’m not a big Action figure guy, although I will get that Kylo Ren black series action figure. Anyway, Although I don’t have many action figures I do have a lot of Lego. I’ve been collecting Lego for years, and Star Wars has always been my favorite. I have shelves and shelves of Lego, and I like to organize them by faction or Era. I have a Clone Wars Shelf, I have a Old Republic shelf. I also have many more in my house, and yes, those are my figures above.  The problem is…We have a new era of things coming out pretty soon. With all the LEGO and action figures being introduced this September the 4th on “Force Friday”, our shelves and homes will be filled with all the Star Wars Loot. While we wait for Force Friday, I plan to re-organize the shelves to make space for my new LEGO Millennium Falcon and Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle. I will leave my Clone Wars diorama though. I do enjoy the look of the clones.

Print out or Buy posters.

First Order Unite!

First Order Unite!

I love posters. I have quite a few in my room, but I haven’t had the chance to put them up. Some of my favorite of the posters I own are the Retro Star Wars poster and a series of posters from Guardians of the Galaxy signed by Director James Guun, “Drax” Dave Bautista and “Gamora” Zoe Saldana. I have to do some sound proofing in the podcast studio as there is still a strange echo I get. We decided to get some Posters printed on Styrofoam to cancel out some of the echo, and I am going to take the chance to get some sweet Force Awakens posters. I love the Kylo Ren cover for the Entertainment weekly magazine. I really like any photo of Captain Phasma, and the D23 poster is very artistic. It might be time to put aside our OT posters, and make space for the New ones. Notice I said put aside, and not destroy.

Catch Up to date with all things Star Wars.

The classics

The classics

If you are a star wars film fan and you aren’t listening, viewing and reading the right things, you are behind. Now that includes the Star Wars website. The website is a hub for all things Star wars and I frequently visit to catch up on the things I need to know. I also frequently look at Collider’s website, as they do many things Movie and TV related, but the Star Wars Stuff is my favorite. Now I also like to watch their Youtube Chanel, where their Host John Campea is very passionate about Star Wars, and they even have their own Star Wars show: Collider Jedi Council. You guys could even just go back and watch the films again another 20 times. In the Listening department I highly recommend the podcast Its A Trap! where friend of GeEK Podcast Redna talks about Star Wars cannon such as books, TV and Comics, and they are slowly reviewing the Films themselves. If you enjoy the video Game Star Wars the Old Republic, the podcast OotiniCast covers that in depth. I’ve been on that podcast (Episodes 197 and 215) and it really is a great time. A really great podcast is Plumbing The death Star. Hosted by Sanspants radio the podcast discusses the logic behind movies, and they love doing episodes on Star Wars. My favorites are the Episodes “How did the Hutts Rise to power?” and “Is the Imperial Army Racist?”.  These sources should keep you alive until the movie later this year, so sit back and enjoy.

So thanks for reading this! How are you getting ready for The Force Awakens? If you want to talk to me about this or anything else, tweet me @MixUpPixels or comment below. All other contact details can be found here.

Thanks for reading and Catch-ya next time!



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