The HK-55 Bonus Chapter in SWTOR – How I would do it

As we all know, BioWare is giving subscribers a bonus KOTFE chapter, if they stay subscribed throughout most of 2016. I have had some ideas about the story of the chapter. While I know that the chapter has definitely already been written, I wanted to share some Ideas and see what you think!



I would open it in a science lab, lots of machines lying about the place. A HK model lies on a desk, and a scientist is working on it. This is an unused HK-51 model. The scientist works on it until it looks like the HK-55 we know and love. He flips a switch and HK turns on. He looks around and the scientist looks at him. The scientist explains to HK that he is a test for future Sky Trooper programming as he is a very skilled droid, and that he wont be “online” for very long. This outrages HK, who steps up and grabs him. This could be a choice for the player. Choose to leave him, Kill him or kill him Quietly.

Side note: I would love it if the mechanics in this part of the chapterchapter revolved around not being detected, and being a stealthy assassin. I have no idea how they would do this, but who cares?

You then have to make your way through the lab, fighting of a few (I SAID A FEW, LIKE 10 MAX) Sky troopers or sneaking through them. (Maybe that can be a Light/dark choice) You get to talk to a few more scientist and you get your blaster from one of the Sky Troopers. You burst out the door, revealing that you are on one of the tallest towers on Zakuul, nearby to the throne room. You see a huge flash of lightning from the nearby building

Side note: In my head, this chapter takes place along side the main events of chapter 1, This flash of Lightning was when Valkorion was struck down.

Heya Hk!Suddenly, a small ship appears in front of HK, and 3 knights jump off, and draw their weapons. One of them exclaims at the sight of the lightning, and orders the ship to assist at the Throne room. You then fight the knights, as the ship slowly turns around to go to the throne room. As you strike down the final guard, the ship powers up its engines. You fire a grappling hook at the ship, and board it. You hop into the ship, kill the guards inside and power it up. Suddenly, a hologram appears on the ships holoprojector. Arcaan announces that their Emperor has been killed, and he would be the new emperor. The Outlander was outed as the person who killed the Emperor. HK then gets to choose whether he would try to help this outlander, or if he would try to escapes. While you are either helping or escaping, a fighter appears behind yours and hits your engines. Your ship hurtles back toward the science tower, but just before impact you jump out and fly towards the ground.

Cut to 4 years later, a news outlet is playing at a local town square. The lady in the Hologram announces that it is the fourth anniversary since a rouge unit destroyed the Zakuulan Science lab. A hooded figure watches as HK is displayed. She looks around as she walks towards the science lab in the distance. Once she arrives, she notices that one of the building near by is boarded up, and unusually fortified. She approaches the house, and pushes the door open with the force, her hood falling back to reveal Lana Beniko. HK pops up and takes a shot, she dodges like its no problem. She asks if he is the HK from the science lab disaster. He slightly nods, not lowering his gun. She tells him that she is planning an uprising against Zakuul, and that she needs his help. He gets a few choices, but since this is BioWare they all lead to him saying yes. She introduces her self and walks off. HK is left to contemplate what is about to happen, and he then chases after her.

Ok, that’s it. Now, I know its not awfully good, but it’s the start of an Idea. I have to figure out how to work in the BioWare “choices” we all love, but that is kinda hard. I don’t know how they do it.

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