Episode 30! The Force Awakens!

Welcome back to GeEK!

This week, Alex and Luke discus the film of the year, The Force Awakens. They talk Characters, moments, themes, actors and disappointments with the film.

Also, 5 guests appear in the middle to discuss the film for a few minutes each.  In order of appearance:

  • Simon, my dad @someonejelly
  • Teo, producer and Co-host over at the OotiniCast @JasonEtheridge
  • My brother Finn, from Episode 1.5.
  • Red, from It’s A Trap! @R3dn4
  • My Mum, from many episodes.


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Thank you for this great year, and Catch-ya next time!


Hi! I'm Alex MJ, and I'm a kiwi living in Singapore. I enjoy talking and writing about nerd culture, with my favorite thing to talk about being Star Wars! I love it when people talk to me, so feel free to do so in the comments or by email: alex@geek-podcast.com . Thanks for stopping by!

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