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Alex: Alex is a Nerd from New Zealand that lives in Singapore, who usually only wants to talk about Star Wars. He is a big gamer and loves playing games such as Terraria, Unturned and of course Star Wars: The Old Republic. Lets just say he really likes hitting in-game A.I with Lightsabers. Alex is also a big fan of movies. As you can probably tell, he really likes Star Wars. But that’s not it. He also enjoys most superhero movies, both Marvel and DC. Alex is also a big fan of PIXAR. He also likes TV shows. Again his favorites are Superhero shows, such as The Flash, Arrow and Daredevil, but he also enjoys Game of Thrones. As the Founder of GeEK Podcast, Alex is Determined to bring listeners and readers a great experience while reading the site or listening to the podcasts.

Luke: Coming Soon

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